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Arcticfin XX13

Antifreeze, Si-OAT-coolant additive concentrate (colour: pink / violet)

Customs number: 38200000


  • Arcticfin XX13 is a full concentrate radiator protection and heat transfer fluid based on 1,2-ethanediol (ethylene glycol, MEG) for summer and winter operation, providing maintenance-free protection against freezing, overheating and rusting.

    Arcticfin XX13 is a Lobrid product, which means that it is formulated on the basis of organic inhibitors in combination with inhibitors of mineral (silicate). Therefore, it provides not only maintenance-free protection against freezing and cooking, but also long-term protection against corrosion (Si-OAT-coolant).

    Arcticfin XX13 is borate, nitrite, amine and phosphate free.

  • Characteristics

    • Longlife radiator protection
    • Excellent heat transfer
    • Uniform and homogeneous protective layer
    • Protection of all metals, including aluminum, due to highly effective additives
    • Silicate stabilised, i.e. no gel formation or flocculation
    • Environmentally friendly due to the non-use of borates, nitrites, amines and phosphates


  • Arcticfin XX13 can be used without restriction in motors of cast iron, aluminum, or a combination of both metals in cooling systems made of aluminum or copper alloys.

    Arcticfin XX13 particularly recommended for aluminum engines, where a special protection at higher temperatures is required.

    Arcticfin XX13 offers excellent long-term protection. It is recommended to change the coolant after 6 years or after 250,000 km (whichever comes first).

    Recommended concentration is 50% Arcticfin XX13 and 50% water, with a frost protection of
    about -35 ° C is reached.

    For mixtures with 60 vol.% Arcticfin XX13 approx. -52 ° C are reached. A higher use concentration is not recommended. We recommend the use of demineralised or distilled water.

    Special attention must be paid to the measurement of the freezing point.

    Refractometers are often used to determine the freezing point. In the case of Arcticfin XX13 this measurement leads to incorrect results. This is due to the glycerol content in the coolant.
    Due to the MEG scale of the refractometer the test method described in the ASTM D3321 leads to an incorrect assessment.

    In the following table is listed for various dilutions, the measurement data and readings of each corresponding density, the refractive index, and the reading of the Refraktometer *.
    The table also shows the different results to the two standard methods of
    measuring antifreeze ASTM D3321 and ASTM D 1177.

  • Usable for

    We recommend this product for:  
    ASTM D 3306 
    BS 6580 : 2010 
    VW TL 774 J (G13) 


    • Arcticfin XX13 is miscible with most of the coolants based on ethylene glycol (MEG). For optimum corrosion protection and effect of the inhibitors to use pure Arcticfin XX13 is recommended. Recommendation in the mixing ratio is 50: 50 (Vol.%). Never use undiluted.

    Data table

    Typical characteristics:  
    Specific weight at 20°C kg/m³ 1,110 - 1,160 
    Boiling Point °C 170 - 185 
    ph-value (20°C), 50% aqueous solution  7,5 - 9 
    Pour point antifreeze/water=1:1 °C -35 
    Glycerin 10 - 40 
    Reserve alkalinity 5,0 
    Colour pink (violet) 

    Datenblatt / Sicherheits-Datenblatt / Dokumente:


    Article No.: STL 3100 212
    Packaging unit: Can, 1 Liter
    Arcticfin XX13 - STL 3100 212 - Can, 1 Liter
    Article No.: STL 3100 213
    Packaging unit: Can, 1500 Milliliter
    Arcticfin XX13 - STL 3100 213 - Can, 1500 Milliliter
    Article No.: STL 3100 214
    Packaging unit: Can, 5 Liter
    Arcticfin XX13 - STL 3100 214 - Can, 5 Liter
    Article No.: STL 3100 215
    Packaging unit: Can, 20 Liter
    Arcticfin XX13 - STL 3100 215 - Can, 20 Liter
    Article No.: STL 3100 216
    Packaging unit: Drum, 60 Liter
    Arcticfin XX13 - STL 3100 216 - Drum, 60 Liter
    Article No.: STL 3100 218
    Packaging unit: Drum, 200 Liter
    Arcticfin XX13 - STL 3100 218 - Drum, 200 Liter
    Article No.: STL 3100 219
    Packaging unit: PE-Container, 1000 Liter
    Arcticfin XX13 - STL 3100 219 - PE-Container, 1000 Liter


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