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All-weather oil-bonding granulate Type III R

Customs number: 38246099


  • OIL-BONDING 1000 is a polyurethane-based foam, water repellent highly absorbent PU granulate for safe absorption of materials, oily chemicals and fuels.

    The oil absorption capacity is hardly reduced by included water. By that it is even during rainy and wet conditions unchanged absorbent.

    The absorption capacity of oil is ca. 24 ltr. per bag.

    Highly absorbent, odor-binding, endless shelf life, protect the soil, water repellent.

    Takes the oil and leaves the water.

    The oil sucking capacity will not be reduced by soaked up water.

    Grain size: 0.125 to 4 mm Type III R.

    Primary Use: industry, commerce, roads, other traffic zones.
    Dirt suitability: oily and greasy dirt
    Product features: outdoor use
    Key Industry: construction / road construction, chemical industry, printing industry, disposal companies, automotive / aircraft, fire department, handicraft, engineering, transport technology, logistics, warehousing.

  • Tests in use have shown further advantages:

    • poor dust but with sufficient fineness to take oils also from gaps
    • highly non-slipping, also at wetness
    • highly step-safe, scarcely crumbling
    • no causing of cratches at tiles and synthetic-coated grounds in workshops
    • easy removal after usage
    • fast, simple and inexpensive disposal

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    Article No.: STL 3190 036
    Packaging unit: Sack, 40 Liter
    OIL-BONDING 1000  - STL 3190 036 - Sack, 40 Liter


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