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High-quality Universal Multi-purpose Complex Grease

Customs number: 27101999


  • CALANA CLX2 is a blue-coloured, high-quality lithium complex grease.

    Outstanding mechanical and EP qualities are achieved through the balanced coordination of the complex-soap of the base oil and the additive.

    CALANA CLX2 has excellent qualities in regard to bearing capacity, and corrosion and wear protection.

    The lithium complex soap enables use within a very wide temperature range, in particular if increased temperatures are created.

    CALANA CLX2 has all-around qualities. Therefore this product is the first choice in different operating conditions for ball bearings, heavy loads, and the highest temperature demands, up to 220°C. This grease sets new standards in use a universal-grease in industrial and automotive applications.

  • Technical data

    Typical characteristics: 
    Compacrion repellent Lithium complex 
    NLGI classification DIN ISO 2137 
    Roll penetration 0,1 mm 
    after 60 strokes DIN ISO 2137 265-295 
    after 100.000 strokes DIN ISO 2137 +30 
    SKM Emcor WWO Dest. water DIN ISO 11007 0-1 
    SKF Emcor WWO saltwater DIN ISO 11007 2-3 
    SKF Emcor 
    Water washout 1h/80°C DIN ISO 11009 4 % 
    Water resistant DIN 51807/1 1-90 
    Copper corrosion 24h/100°C ASTM D-4048 1a 
    SKF R2F Test A SKF passed 
    SKF R2F Test B (140°C) SKF passed 
    Recommended operating temperature -30°C to +140°C 
    Recommended operating temperature Max. +220°C 
    Name (DIN 51502): KP2N-30 

    Datenblatt / Sicherheits-Datenblatt / Dokumente:


    Article No.: STL 1100 741 (310 741)
    Packaging unit: Cartridge, 400 Gramm
    CALANA CLX2 - STL 1100 741 (310 741) - Cartridge, 400 Gramm
    Article No.: STL 1100 732
    Packaging unit: Can, 1 Kilogramm
    CALANA CLX2 - STL 1100 732 - Can, 1 Kilogramm
    Article No.: STL 1100 733
    Packaging unit: Bucket, 5 Kilogramm
    CALANA CLX2 - STL 1100 733 - Bucket, 5 Kilogramm
    Article No.: STL 1100 737
    Packaging unit: Jokey, 18 Kilogramm
    CALANA CLX2 - STL 1100 737 - Jokey, 18 Kilogramm
    Article No.: STL 1100 735
    Packaging unit: Large tin can, 25 Kilogramm
    CALANA CLX2 - STL 1100 735 - Large tin can, 25 Kilogramm


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