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Customs number: 27101999


  • LANDOR CGLP (ISO-VG 68) distinguish by special lubrication and slide properties as well as by high adhesion. Thus they especially are suitable for lubrication of slide and bed ways or guiding. The low viscosity sorts are preferrably used for power and pressure transmission for hydraulic systems of tool machines. LANDOR CGLP (ISO-VG 68) furthermore is provided with good corrosion protection properties to prevent rust or stains on slide and bed ways.
    LANDOR CGLP (ISO-VG 68) is largely resitant against watery metalworking media as drilling, cutting and grinding emulsion or solvents. The slide film will not be washed away by this media.

  • Characteristics

    • High adhesive behaviour
    • Good corrosion protection properties
    • Zinc and silicon-free
    • Good anti-misting characteristics
    • No rust and stain formation
    • Resistent towards watery metalworking media
    • Excellent anti-stick-slip properties to prevent stick-slip at high loads and slow feed
    • Fast demulsibility
    • Good compatibility with materials coatings and sealants


    • Very well lubrication and sliding properties
    • Also usable as hydraulic oil

    Usable for

    CGLP DIN 51502 ISO VG 68 
    CLP DIN 51517 T3 ISO VG 68 
    HLP DIN 51524 T2 ISO VG 68 
    AFNOR E 60-203 L-G/HG 
    GB 11118.1-94 L-HG/HM 
    ISO 11158 HG/HM 
    ISO 19378 GA/GB 
    ISO 6743-13 GA/GB 
    ISO 6743-6 CKC 
    MIL A-A-59113 Typ I 
    SAE MS 1007 Typ E 
    SHIT 0361-98 L-G 
    We recommend this product for: 
    GM LW-03-1-04, LS-2 


    • Slide and bed ways oil CGLP is suitable for all kinds of lubrication like as pressing, rotary and central lubrication, furthermore for splash and pressure running lubrication as wells as for lubrication by hand with oil can. It also is suitable for lubrication of bearings and gears and high speed spindles.
    • For all machinery with shared oil circulation, for the hydraulic and for lubrication of bed ways but at normal working temperatures.


    • LANDOR CGLP (ISO-VG 68) is assigned to category 2 of used oils and thus is free for disposal.


    • LANDOR CGLP (ISO-VG 68) is fully compatible to comparable lubricants and can be mixed safely. However, it is recommended to refill LANDOR CGLP (ISO-VG 68) only.

    Data table

    Typical characteristics: 
    Specific weight at 15°C kg/m³ 872 
    Viscosity at 40°C mm²/s 66,6 
    Viscosity at 100°C mm²/s 8,8 
    Viscosity index  104 
    Flash point COC °C 
    Pourpoint °C -27 
    FZG-test (A/8,3/90/20) 12 
    ISO-grade 68 

    Datenblatt / Sicherheits-Datenblatt / Dokumente:


    Article No.: STL 1500 205
    Packaging unit: Can, 20 Liter
    LANDOR CGLP (ISO-VG 68) - STL 1500 205 - Can, 20 Liter
    Article No.: STL 1500 206
    Packaging unit: Drum, 60 Liter
    LANDOR CGLP (ISO-VG 68) - STL 1500 206 - Drum, 60 Liter
    Article No.: STL 1500 208
    Packaging unit: Drum, 200 Liter
    LANDOR CGLP (ISO-VG 68) - STL 1500 208 - Drum, 200 Liter


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