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MPG Hightec-Trigard

Long-term radiator coolant concentrate Colour: red

Customs number: 38200000


  • MPG Hightec-Trigard is made on the basis of eco-friendly propylene glycol concentrate full engine coolant for use in cooling systems of internal combustion engines for the summer and winter, with frost and rust protection (year-round use).
    MPG Hightec-Trigard contains high quality corrosion additives and is characterized by optimum corrosion protection for all cooling system used in the metals and metal alloys including aluminum.
    MPG Hightec-Trigard is free of nitrite, amine, phosphate and silicate, as well as of organic acids.
    MPG Hightec-Trigard provides long term protection against all types of corrosion due to optimized and patented organic corrosion inhibitors. Especially on aluminum surfaces in modern engines a lasting protective effect is guaranteed. The applied inhibitor package provides excellent protection against cavitation.
    The previous common "supplemental coolant additives (SCA)" on the basis of nitrite
    are now no longer required in trucks and buses.

  • Characteristics

    • Longer and outstanding protection against corrosion for all metals used in the cooling system and metal alloys including aluminum
    • Prevents layer formation and deposits in the cooling system
    • Outstanding heat transfer and heat transport
    • Compatibility with varnishes
    • Compatibility with hose and sealing materials
    • Avoidance of foaming
    • Environmentally-friendly, biologically degradable
    • Suitable for mixed fleets, one product for cars, trucks and construction machinery


  • MPG Hightec-Trigard can be used in the cooling system of all-aluminium engines (follow manufacturer's instructions).
    The patented silicate-free carboxylate technology provides long-term protection for all materials used in motor, especially for aluminum and iron alloys.
    Recommended concentration 50% MPG Hightec-Trigard and 50% water, in which protection against freezing up to -37°C is achieved.
    MPG Hightec-Trigard is a long-life coolant and can be used in vehicles for a lifetime filling.

    Duration of use:
    Commercial Vehicles up to 650,000 km (about 8,000 hours)
    Cars up to 250,000 km (about 2,000 hours)
    Stationary engines up to 32,000 hours (or 6 years)
    It is recommended to change the coolant earliest every 5 years or, if the achievement of the above mentioned periods.

    Reliable in practice and tested for many years.

  • Usable for

    We recommend this product for: 
    ASTM D 3306 
    ASTM D 4985 
    BS 6580 


    • MPG Hightec-Trigard can be mixed with the most of the coolants based on ethylene glycol.
      To achieve an optimal corrosion protection and to avoid sludge formation it is recommended to use pure MPG Hightec-Trigard. For the preparation of mixtures softened water should be preferred.

    Data table

    Typical characteristics: 
    Specific weight at 20°C kg/m³ 1,042 
    Flash point COC °C >100 
    Boiling point °C 165 
    ph-value (50 Vol.%) 8,8 
    Water content 4 max. 
    Pour point antifreeze/water = 1:1 >-33°C 
    Propylene glycol 93,0 
    Other glycols 0,5 max. 
    Content of inhibitors 
    Ash content 1,4 
    Reserve alkalinity (ph 5,5) 6,3 
    Colour red 

    Datenblatt / Sicherheits-Datenblatt / Dokumente:


    Article No.: STL 3100 155
    Packaging unit: Can, 20 Liter
    MPG Hightec-Trigard - STL 3100 155 - Can, 20 Liter
    Article No.: STL 3100 156
    Packaging unit: Drum, 60 Liter
    MPG Hightec-Trigard - STL 3100 156 - Drum, 60 Liter
    Article No.: STL 3100 158
    Packaging unit: Drum, 200 Liter
    MPG Hightec-Trigard - STL 3100 158 - Drum, 200 Liter
    Article No.: STL 3100 159
    Packaging unit: PE-Container, 1000 Liter
    MPG Hightec-Trigard - STL 3100 159 - PE-Container, 1000 Liter


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