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Universal Kühlerschutz BS

Radiator protection concentrate Colour: blue

Customs number: 38200000


  • Universal Kühlerschutz BS is a full concentrate radiator protection based on Monoethylene glycol for operation in summer and winter, with frost and rust protection effect (all-year operation).

    Universal Kühlerschutz BS, the high-performance corrosion antifreeze protection for motors and cooling systems meets the modern demands of the development in motor construction.

    Universal Kühlerschutz BS is free of nitrites, amines and phosphates.

  • Characteristics

    • Protection against corrosion for all parts of the cooling system made of the materials steel, gray iron, aluminium, copper, brass, soft solder.
    • Avoidance of cavitation damages, such as on the collant pump
    • Compatibility with varnishes
    • Compatibility with hose and sealing materials
    • Avoidance of sediments, which can cause radiator plugging
    • Avoidance of foaming


  • Universal Kühlerschutz BS is because of its specially used additives excellently suitable for aluminium, light alloy and gray iron motors (please observe manufacturer´s service instructions).

    Recommended working concentration 50 % Universal Kühlerschutz BS and 50% water, by which a radiatior protection up to about -38 °C can be achieved. Antifreeze protection down to -69°C is possible with a maximum of 68% Universal Kühlerschutz BS and 32% water.

    Depending on the type and the manufacturer´s instructions the contents of the cooling system shall be replaced every 2 to 3 years.

  • Usable for

    We recommend this product for: 
    AFNOR NF-R 15-601 Type 1 
    AS 2108  
    ASTM D 3306, D 4985 
    BS 6580  
    CUNA NC 956-16  
    JIS K 2234  
    ÖNORM V 5123  
    SAE J 1034  
    UNE 26-361  


    • Universal Kühlerschutz BS can be mixed with the most of the coolants based on ethylene glycol.
      To achieve an optimal corrosion protection and to avoid sludge formation it is recommended to use pure Universal Kühlerschutz BS. For the preparation of mixtures softened water should be preferred.

    Data table

    Typical characteristics: 
    Specific weight at 20°C kg/m³ 1.110 - 1.140 
    Flash point COC °C >120 
    Boiling point °C 165 
    pH-value (33 Vol.%) 7,5-8,5 
    Water content <5 
    Foam behaviour corresponds 
    Pour point antifreeze/water=1:1°C -38 
    Colour blue 

    Datenblatt / Sicherheits-Datenblatt / Dokumente:


    Article No.: STL 3100 042
    Packaging unit: Can, 1 Liter
    Universal Kühlerschutz BS - STL 3100 042 - Can, 1 Liter
    Article No.: STL 3100 043
    Packaging unit: Can, 1500 Milliliter
    Universal Kühlerschutz BS - STL 3100 043 - Can, 1500 Milliliter
    Article No.: STL 3100 044
    Packaging unit: Can, 5 Liter
    Universal Kühlerschutz BS - STL 3100 044 - Can, 5 Liter
    Article No.: STL 3100 045
    Packaging unit: Pail, 20 Liter
    Universal Kühlerschutz BS - STL 3100 045 - Pail, 20 Liter
    Article No.: STL 3100 046
    Packaging unit: Drum, 60 Liter
    Universal Kühlerschutz BS - STL 3100 046 - Drum, 60 Liter
    Article No.: STL 3100 048
    Packaging unit: Drum, 200 Liter
    Universal Kühlerschutz BS - STL 3100 048 - Drum, 200 Liter
    Article No.: STL 3100 049
    Packaging unit: PE-Container, 1000 Liter
    Universal Kühlerschutz BS - STL 3100 049 - PE-Container, 1000 Liter


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